Friday, February 27, 2015

Confessions of a Recovered Alcoholic: Post 1

I often sit and watch movies where I can identify with one of the characters.  It's either just my psychological disposition or the fact that I'm a recovered alcoholic, mostly the latter I think, but situations that are presented in fiction make me recall situations in my own life.  Then I think, I should probably write down some of the things I learned and forgot from alcoholism, because I could probably put a humorous spin on it.

Oh, I don't think I've ever mentioned it on this blog, but yes, I had a problem.

So this is a profound thought I had today.  I was browsing Netflix, looking for something entertaining, and I kept thinking ''I've seen that", but I don't think I'd remember.  And then it occurred to me that any movie I had watched between 2010 and 2014, chances are I'd have been drinking or drunk, so it's like enjoying it for the first time all over again. 

Funny if you think about it, but not if you consider how many other moments of my life I will never remember.

I'm going to dedicate my future blog entries to sharing my post-alcoholism recollections.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fun at the Casino

The wife and I hit the road yesterday to bunk at the nearby casino resort.  We saw a celebrity comedian, did some dancing and enjoyed the hell out of our evening.  Small, cheap things like that are even sweeter when you have time look forward to them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet

Wow, it's been 21 months since I last updated this blog.  Perhaps I lost sight of the fact that my intended purpose for this blog was to share the portions of my life that I cannot spend with my children.

The time past has taken me down a path I'd rather soon forget, but every experience continues to add to my character.

I recently spent some time with my daughter doing a research project on Louis Armstrong.  As I looked up more information and assisted her in the art of plagiarism, I told her that there is information on the Internet about me as well, in the form of a blog.  "What's a blog?" she asked. 

"It's like an online diary," I explained.  "I started putting my thoughts into words so I could let you read them one day."

The words barely left my lips before she was distracted by the television, but that's a kid for you.

She's 9 now and the twins are going to turn 8 next month.  The time I get to spend with them is brief these days - their mother gets to make up the schedule and my wife isn't even allowed to see them.  That's probably the most disappointing part of a divorce with children.  Nobody gets along, everyone plays innocent whilst preparing to slide the knife through your torso.  But I digress...

The kids astonish me every time I see them.  The conversations and questions, endless curiosity.  Every bit of it just amazing and unforeseen back when they were infants.  I'm a proud daddy.

More to come, the squirrel is still bouncing.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Parenting 301

Yes, I've learned all the basics, been through the trials and tribulations of changing diapers, answering stupid questions, but I've never lost a child.

I think about the parents of this kid now:

We obviously don't know the whole story, but I just feel bad for his parents.  I can only imagine that they're racking their brains trying to figure out where they went wrong.

I'm guessing they didn't go wrong.

I don't give my stepson a lot of credit for intelligence, but it would crush me if something happened to him.

Friday, March 29, 2013

March Madness

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, but there have been many things on my mind lately.

I suffered a congestive heart failure in early February.  I was in the hospital for two weeks.

I spent almost 6 weeks off work as a result.

My ex-wife has initiated an oder restricting me from seeing my kids. is grand.